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Faith Based Environments

When it comes to melding technology and aesthetics, your prayers have been answered. At Pentegra, we know full well that faith based environments have unique requirements. Both form and function must be considered when setting design goals and—from traditional to contemporary spaces and worship styles—one common need stands out: voice intelligibility. Professional audio systems must work in harmony with room acoustics so that your congregation understands every word. When visual media or security systems are needed, careful attention must also be paid to maintaining the architectural integrity of a space. We consider every detail and nuance, taking great pains to match performance and visual aesthetics with the unique environment of each worship space. We also understand that users are often volunteers, and we work patiently to fully train them. We are sensitive to processes that involve multiple decision makers, and we respect the sanctity of the space while delivering the best overall experience to its worshippers. Audio. Video. Data. Security. Telecom. No one delivers solutions better than Pentegra Systems.

Holy Family Church

Holy Family Church

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The Great Chicago Fire of 1871 left only five public buildings standing, one of which was the Holy Family Church located on the west side of the city. The church escaped destruction again in 1984 when the Holy Family Preservation Society was established to save the church from the wrecking ball and ...

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