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Schaumburg is a well-known northwestern suburb of Chicago of about 75,000 residents and has been ranked as one of the best places to live in Illinois by MONEY Magazine. The village is best known for the massive Woodfield Mall, currently the 11th largest mall in the United States. The mall contains over 300 stores and employs more than 4,000 people. Several large corporations, such as Zurich North America, also make their home there. In order to retain the status as a top place to live in Illinois, the village decided that it should enhance security measures to ensure the safety and security of residents and visitors in the area.


In 2016, the Village of Schaumburg hired a consultant from New York to assist in their district-wide IP Video Management System. The goal of this project was to design and install an integrated video security system at 29 buildings throughout the village. The village sent out an RFP to address the Enterprise Surveillance System that was to be installed over several phases in the next few years. Pentegra Systems was one of many integrators that submitted proposals and was chosen due to their reputation, responsiveness and overall design of the system.


In order for the Village of Schaumburg to achieve their video security goal, Pentegra had to install over 200 cameras inside and outside 29 buildings. Pentegra used cutting edge cameras from Axis, Genetec Security Center Software and Razberi Technologies Servers and Archivers in their design. This system covered all of the areas that Schaumburg requested and was able to fulfill the video recording requirements. Each camera has 1080p resolution with wide dynamic range and is able to provide facial recognition at distances up to 100 feet. One of the significant aspects of this system, is its capability of expanding and accommodating additional cameras with little effort. Since this is a multi-phase project spanning several years, this was a critical piece that Schaumburg needed to have. Another benefit is that this system is completely IP based, which allows viewing from any internal computer, tablet or smartphone with the appropriate security settings.

A system of this size and complexity usually has its challenges. One of the main challenges here was the location of some of the cameras. Several locations didn’t offer continuous power or wirless network access for the cameras. One of these locations was Schaumburg Regional Airport. The main building of the airport had network access but some of the hangers did not have access. In order for the cameras installed on or around the hangers to access the network, Pentegra installed an antenna on the east side of the main building and added 4 wireless access points (WAPs) in the hangers. Pentegra was able to install uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) for these locations to ensure that the cameras would always be operational, even during power outages.


Solution (continued):

In 2018, the village wanted to address the access control system that needed to be installed. The village’s existing access control system was deemed obsolete by the manufacturer, so everything needed to be replaced. Pentegra was once again chosen to complete this project due to the system they proposed and the high praise received from the village throughout the security camera installation. This access control system also included Genetec products, just like the security cameras. This allowed both systems to seamlessly integrate together and able to be controlled by the same software system. This was very important to the Village of Schaumburg and enabled them to manage both systems from the same place.


Pentegra’s video and access control security systems are helping the Village of Schaumburg become a safer place for all. The systems that Pentegra installed and are currently installing, gives village workers the ability to keep a watchful eye all over town from their offices or personal devices. Pentegra is proud to partner with the Village of Schaumburg now and in the future to ensure that the village is safer and more secure.

Main System Components:

• Axis Indoor and Outdoor Cameras
• Genetec Omnicast Video Management System
• Genetec Synergis Access Control
• Razberi Technology Server/Switches
• HID Card Readers

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With a rich history dating back to the 1880s, Dekalb Public Library has been the cornerstone of a growing and dynamic community. The library provides easily accessible information and a welcoming environment to all of its patrons with clubs and programs for both children and adults. Dekalb Public Library has been located at 309 Oak Street inside the Haish Memorial Building since 1931. Over the years this facility has had many facelifts and improvements. Beginning in 2007, an addition was approved to expand the library’s physical space from 19,000 to 60,000 square feet.


Integrating a low-voltage IP based security system into a facility such as the Haish Memorial Building can be quite challenging given its historical longevity. Pentegra’s solution had to meet the needs and wants of Dekalb Public Library, but at the same time also uphold the historical nature of this building. Pentegra’s challenge was to seamlessly integrate a state-of-the-art security system both inside and outside of Dekalb Public Library to enforce public safety as well as prevent vandalism.


This project consisted of two separate aspects, the first being the video surveillance system. Twenty-six network IP cameras were installed both internally and externally. The indoor cameras were strategically placed in common areas where there is the most activity both on the first and second floors of Dekalb Public Library including reading areas, activity rooms, hallways, etc. These indoor cameras are vandal-resistant HDTV fixed dome cameras capturing video at 720p quality and have remote focus and zoom. The outdoor cameras mounted on the outer walls are more of the same, yet reinforced and more durable to handle whatever Mother Nature can throw at them.

The indoor and outdoor cameras monitor and protect staff and patrons alike keeping an eye on everyday activities. Pentegra Systems’ surveillance system came in handy during a bank robbery just down the street in Dekalb. The high resolution outdoor network cameras were able to catch a glimpse of the getaway car and license plate of the vehicle and became a critical tool in the subsequent investigation.

The second portion of this project was the access control system. The access control system at Dekalb Public Library helps control what personnel can access specific areas of the library. Access to these specific areas of the library is controlled by card readers both on the wall next to the door or on the door itself. Authorized personnel are given access cards to gain entrance into these restricted areas preventing anyone unauthorized from entering. This portion of the installation consisted of eleven wired card readers and sixty-five wireless readers. Pentegra provided a solution that upholds a necessary level of safety and protection for anyone inside and outside of the library, seamlessly integrating both the surveillace and access control components into one easily managable and efficient security solution.


Pentegra Systems successfully installed Dekalb Public Library’s video surveillance and access control systems that are used every day to maintain the desired level of safety and protection that one would want both in and around a place of knowledge and learning such as a library. Pentegra’s security integration protects Dekalb Public Library around the clock 24/7.

Main System Components:

  • Avigilon Video Management System
  • Avigilon and AXIS Network Cameras
  • RS2 Access Control System
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