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Riverwood Apartment Homes


The Riverwood Apartment Homes are situated on 23 acres of beautiful wooded terrain adjacent to the Little Calumet River & Tinley Creek Forest Preserve. The complex consists of six large, multi-tenant buildings with the leasing center and office in a separate building. Riverwood management wanted to add a CCTV security camera system that would provide security for residents and protection from vandalism, and turned to Pentegra for its expertise in security installation.


The Riverwood complex would require a system to monitor the corridors and entrances to each of the six residential buildings with the capability to control and monitor the system from the remote office building. This process needed to be done in a timely and efficient manner without trenching and burying cables to transmit the video.


We designed a CCTV security system using the latest in surveillance, digital storage and wireless transmission technology. Upon detecting movement, the vandal proof Panasonic cameras transmit video to the Digital Video Recorder (DVR) located in a locked box in each building. Due to changing light conditions, super-dynamic cameras are used to monitor each entrance. The system uses Premier Wireless transmitters on each building to transmit video from the DVRs to an omni-directional wireless receiver on the office building. The digital video footage can then be viewed on a PC in the office. The wireless antennae are internally heated to prevent freezing during cold weather providing a reliable system throughout the winter months.


Pentegra Systems created a solution that would fit all of the security needs of Riverwood Apartment Homes while staying within their budget. Pentegra and Riverwood have maintained a strong, positive relationship, as Pentegra guarantees maintenance and support throughout the life of the system.

Main System Components:

  • Panasonic
  • Digital Video Recorder (DVR) Vandal Proof Cameras Super-Dynamic Cameras
  • Premier Wireless
  • Wireless Directional Access Points Wireless Omni Access Points
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