Architectural Drawing as a passive optical network is planned


Passive Optical Networks for Green Building Design

Discover why Passive Optical LANs are the better choice for high-performance, green buildings.

Leverage low-voltage infrastructure and intelligent building technology to lower your CAPEX and OPEX. High-performance buildings with passive optical networks (PON) are less expensive to maintain and require less energy to operate. The cost savings and public relations benefits of smart buildings enabled by fiber optic technology can be significant. Many organizations are aggressively implementing policies to make their buildings more energy-efficient and sustainable. Download the whitepaper to learn about:

  • LAN design: Active Ethernet LAN vs. Passive Optical Networks, also called Optical LAN
  • Cost-savings benefits of Optical LAN
  • Energy savings for greener buildings
  • Space & material reduction
  • Impact on high-performance buildings
  • How optical networks can help with LEED certification
  • The value after LEED certification
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