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You don’t need a degree to know Pentegra Systems is the smart choice. We’ve worked with facilities and campuses of all sizes in the education field. We understand your needs are diverse, but we’re equipped to meet every challenge. We start with student safety—always our number one priority. Our wide range of expertise means we can handle all your demands, classroom-to-classroom, and building-to-building. Audio and video usage is now part of your curriculum, and we utilize our expertise to deliver it over your IP Network. Been there, done that. Our experience working with multiple levels of decision makers allows us to work patiently and intelligently to meet their demands.

Pentegra is proud to offer PASS certified consulting services for K-12 institutions. We provide unbiased input and facilitation to help school leaders select the right solutions to school-specific goals.

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No one delivers solutions better than Pentegra Systems.

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