Enterprise Mobility

Pentegra’s Mobility solution enables businesses of all sizes to integrate leading smartphones and tablets with existing enterprise communication applications and infrastructure. These integrations are done securely, simply and cost-effectively.

Our mobility solution makes it easy for your workforce to embrace BYOD (bring your own device). Pentegra allows companies to communicate on the devices of their choice. They can access a full suite of mobile unified communications tools from any location, and on any network. From office and home hotspots, while on voice over Wi-Fi, voice over 3G/4G, or cellular.

Businesses are deploying Pentegra’s mobile workforce solution to address the key challenges associated with BYOD demands from employees. These challenges include soaring international roaming costs, and poor in-building coverage. Further, integration into corporate PBX and unified communications systems.

Woman On BYOD tablet
Key System Features
  • Slashes High Cost of Enterprise Mobility
  • Extends In-Building Coverage
  • Constant Connectivity & Mobile Unified Communication (UC)
  • Mobility With Security in Mind
  • Broad PBX & UC Support
  • Classrooms & Education
  • Mobile Offices
  • Art Centers & Museums
  • Hospitality & Conference Centers

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