Digital Signage

As part of Pentegra Systems’ video division, Digital Signage is an efficient and dynamic technology and is an integral medium for displaying announcements, schedules, emergency bulletins, presentations, videos and RSS feeds including news, weather and traffic. Pentegra Systems’ solutions include multiple scalable platforms utilizing technologies such as LCD, LED and projection displays. Digital Signage is a perfect tool to use for public spaces, customer point of sale, kiosks, information booths and menu boards. Text, images and video can easily be displayed for your target audience so they receive whatever necessary information via one display, two displays or an entire video wall. You may have seen examples of these digital displays in museums, stadiums, retails stores, hotels, restaurants and corporate buildings.

Airport Terminal Digital Signage

Innovative Solutions

Pentegra uses the latest ADA compliant mounts for accessibility, clean looks, and ease of service.

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Key System Features
  • Multi-Zone Networked Systems
  • Endpoint & Server Based Solutions
  • Professional-Grade Displays
  • Versatile Display Mounting Options
  • Public Spaces
  • Customer Point of Sale
  • Kiosks, Information Booths & Menu Boards