Detect and Respond Faster to Reduce Risk

Worker Falls Cost Businesses $10.17B Per Year

More Than 240,000 Students Have Experienced Gun Violence Since 1999

Guard against risks ranging from armed intruders to slip and fall hazardsTake appropriate actions when issues arise, informed by a real-time risk mitigation platform working 24/7. Pentegra can now add real-time security monitoring software to existing IP-based security cameras. 

Intellisee, an advanced AI-powered security detection software, uses advanced computer vision artificial intelligence (AI) and live surveillance feeds to detect threats to your people and those they serve. These same risks affect your financial well-being and brand reputation. Protect what matters most with IntelliSee.

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Surveillance camera system with added intellisee artificial intelligence software showing weapon and slip and fall detection

Weapon and Assault

Detect weapons and act before they're used. Detect abuse and intervene sooner. Nearly every type of organization can experience violence, and its impacts go beyond physical harm.

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Slip and Fall

Still liquids and unnoticed hazards are accidents waiting to happen. Avoid this common - and expensive - risk.

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Presence Detection

Job abandonment, missing people, burglary, and trespassing are potential problems for every organization.

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How AI-powered Detection Works


Through a simple connection between the switch connecting your existing surveillance cameras to their router, NVR, or VMS, IntelliSee seamlessly taps into your live video streams to monitor real-time footage across multiple cameras with no downstream impact. IntelliSee also monitors camera up-time and its own health to ensure you’re consistently protected.


IntelliSee's ever-evolving neural network library of self-learning algorithms are trained against a growing database of incidence footage. This same machine learning minimizes false negatives / false positives and continually adds more capabilities to our platform. As IntelliSee expands, we will offer updates for enhanced detection capabilities.


Once detected, the system instantly re-verifies risks to further minimize false positives. Validated risks are time-stamped, images are retained, and its location, context, and visual data are sent to the people and systems who can act in real-time. Incidents are continuously monitored to determine whether they have been addressed or, if escalated, additional alerts can be sent until the issue is resolved. Phone, auditory, text, email, or system alerts can be set based on your parameters, so the right people know exactly how, when, and where to respond.


Ultimately, awareness of a threat won’t matter if no action is taken. IntelliSee’s real-time insights enable users can take immediate action to mitigate the probability or severity of a risk, while keeping the scene as calm as possible. Time, cost, and life-saving action can range from janitorial staff promptly cleaning a spill, to an automated call to 911 once a weapon is drawn. Updates will include an ever increasing list of third-party partners and API calls to integrate IntelliSee with access-controls and other autonomous means to take discrete action.

Uses Your Existing Camera Networks

IntelliSee adds another layer of protection by continuously monitoring existing surveillance feeds to detect risks before they happen—or to speed response if they do—when seconds can be critical.

– Easy plug & play set-up

– Simultaneously monitor all cameras

– Immediate, real-time alerts

– Autonomous, 24/7 protection

– No privacy concerns


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Protecting Your Privacy

IntelliSee is committed to protecting the privacy of our customers and everyone they serve. Our technology was designed to identify hazards such as weapons, liquids, or postures; it does not scan for any personal features and we are avoiding facial recognition and other increasing concerns enabled by the power of artificial intelligence.

We do not—nor will we ever—capture, store, or sell any data containing personally identifying information.


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