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What Does “Life Safety” Mean?

Simply put, Life Safety solutions are designed to increase life protection by reducing response time for both internal and external entities in the case of an emergency.

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Custom Safety Devices with Customized Responses

No need to run expensive cables throughout your facility; our solutions work on existing networks, structures, and IP security cameras. A few plug-ins, and a bit of custom programming, and our Life Safety solutions are ready to react. For new facilities, our solutions are simple to implement as new construction is completed.

Pentegra creates solutions specific to the needs of your organization. We start by analyzing your security goals, taking into account any current systems, and implementing solutions that achieve your objectives. Our full solutions can utilize traditional and existing security systems, and layer new technology for more flexibility than ever before.

Receive notifications and interact with your new system as if it is a single entity. Whether the devices are encased in a traditional “pull-down” format, an AI security plug-in, or a mobile alert button, it’s the Pentegra team’s mission to make it seamless, for reliability and ease of use when needed.

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Public-Address (PA) and Mass Notification systems

Effective communication within an organization impacts other solutions’ functionality. There are many options related to mass notification, and many solutions are driven by NFPA 72 and 101 and the National Electrical Code (NEC). Incident management tools are additionally available to help with emergency situation handling; start to finish.

We offer a range of notification solutions:

  • Integrated Notification Software
  • PC Screen Pops, Smartphone Apps, and Email notification
  • Strategically Located Emergency Phones & Towers
  • Phone System Interfaces
  • PA & Speaker Systems, Including High-Power Speaker Arrays
  • Intercom, direct communication within a facility
  • Digital Signage

Emergency Alert Devices

Tools to Secure your Facility

One push of a button, one pull of a lever, or one click of a mouse, sparks life-saving responses. When a device is triggered, leaders of the affected space can quickly be notified.

A digital portal provides a centralized place for customizing all notifications and information, and can be accessed on mobile devices and desktops. The portal reduces confusion and panic during an event by delivering audio messaging and notifications to remind people of response protocol and instruction. It also provides assurance that emergency responders are on their way.

All necessary information like maps, floorplans, and protocols; any materials building-leaders need their teams to have access to, are easily accessible on the portal in preparation of an incident.

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Mobile Notification Security System

Types of Emergency Alert Devices

Police Alert

Providing immediate access to emergency officials is important for situations like armed intruders and security emergencies, structure failures, and spaces with vulnerable people or materials. Police Alert solutions, like this example from BluePoint, notifies all occupants of affected buildings. The notification includes strobe lights, and audio messages to the occupants of the building. A central application portal notifies building leaders to the exact location of the activated Alert, and enables 2-way communication and location between emergency and building leaders, and occupants.

Medical Services Alert

Medical Alerts are perfect for places at higher risk of medical emergencies, without direct Police involvement. These devices automatically communicate the location of the incident, alert building leaders, and contact the designated medical first responders. Operations continue unhindered, as it is a notification of the medical emergency not an evacuation. Texts and emails are only sent to a predetermined medical responder (local paramedics, internal medical team, local hospital, etc.), and law enforcement does not receive notification—unless specified by client. Full-building audio and strobe lights are not activated to reduce panic in the medical emergency.

The consolidation of important information, and automated communication makes Medical Alert good for spaces like:

  • Eating Areas (for anaphylaxis, choking, and other food-related emergencies, time is of the essence)
  • Gyms and Work-out Spaces (exertion heightens the risk of seizures, heart issues and more)
  • Facilities with Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Devices
  • Mental Health Treatment Spaces
  • Large Facilities (the exact emergency location is identified and guidance provided)
  • Corporate Facilities
  • Large Public Spaces

Wearable Mobile Devices

Wearable devices are most commonly used in outdoor-play areas, additional campus buildings, and parking lots. Simply pressing the button triggers the same reaction as pulling a lever, extending alert coverage for additional support.

Security personnel in parking lots, teachers on recess duty, and mobile employees like janitorial staff are among those kept safe with these devices.

Optional Additions to Suit Your Needs

Alert System Integrations

  • Incident Management Command and Control Systems
  • Discrete Silent Alerts
  • Second Stage Alerts Requesting Additional Assistance
  • Sound Detection – e.g. Gunshots and Glass Breaking
  • Door Access Controls

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