Broadcast & Recording Systems

Broadcast & recording systems can take various forms. Each design by Pentegra Systems is tailored not only to your technology needs, but also to the technical capabilities of the people who use the system.

Workflow processes, staffing requirements and the appropriate array of features are assessed and discussed, to ensure that your application requirements are met with the best balance between ease-of-use and quality of production.

For some novice users, education, simplicity in design and operation, and extensive training are necessary.  Clients with a history of using these systems are typically interested in building on their experience and improving or expanding their technical capabilities and quality of their productions. Either way, we’ll accurately assess what the best practice should be.

Our knowledgeable design engineers have practical background working in these environments. From recording studios to broadcast studios, our experience allows us to assemble systems that support each clients’ unique needs using the latest and most appropriate technology, while working within their budgetary capacity.

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    Key System Features
    • Microphone Selection & Application
    • Live & Post-Production Recording Mixing Technology & Techniques
    • Live Cable TV Broadcast Production
    • Digital Media Storage, Transport & Network Optimization
    • Digital Editing Systems
    • Web Streaming Technologies & Services
    • Worship Spaces
    • In-House Company Training & Information Dissemination
    • Performing Arts & Entertainment Facilities