Sound Masking Systems

Sound masking is the addition of a familiar background sound to an environment. This audible sound covers up, or masks, human speech and helps mitigate the distraction of other sounds, making an environment more comfortable, workers more productive and creating privacy.

These systems are becoming an increasingly popular addition to office interiors. Pentegra Systems designs and installs masking solutions customized to your unique space.

Our tailored sound masking solutions will integrate with the architect’s vision in new construction, or retrofit seamlessly into existing space. Either way, the work environment is greatly improved, and the system provides flexibility for future space reconfiguration.

Library Sound Masking
Key System Features
  • Enhanced Privacy
  • Fewer Distractions
  • Open Space Planning
  • Computer Programmed Multiple Zones
  • Integrates With Paging & Background Music
  • Open Cubicle Work Areas
  • Private Offices
  • Public Spaces

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