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Pentegra Systems is a custom systems integrator that provides innovative Audio, Video, Network Infrastructure, Security, and Telecommunication solutions that converge on an organization’s I/P network.

With unmatched expertise, we excel at design, engineering, installation, training, and service. We welcome complex projects, requests to integrate multiple technologies, tight deadlines, and unusual requirements. Ask us how we can improve your operations, environment, and business potential.


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What Our Clients are Saying About Pentegra...

“The design called for a sophisticated and complicated installation of various types of systems. Pentegra impressed me with their depth of knowledge and ability to successfully communicate with all the client stakeholders including AV professionals, IT network technology groups, and non-technical end users."

“We can’t thank Pentegra enough for the time and effort that you have invested into making our system high quality and training us on all the ins and outs! It is truly rare for a sub-contractor to do as much quality work as you have done.”

“Pentegra consistently went the extra mile to ensure a successful program and always had innovative solutions for issues that came up along the way. I would absolutely recommend Pentegra to any of my peers.”

“Many thanks again for an outstanding job. Our employees expressed a great pleasure in working with Pentegra. Your intelligence, patience and professionalism are acknowledged and have been greatly appreciated.”

“We told Pentegra Systems what we needed. We sat down and they took our ideas and made it a reality. We are incredibly happy knowing all of our students and staff are secure with this lockdown notification system.”

“The AV system is dependable and sounds great. The acoustics and sound distribution are greatly improved. Pentegra’s customer service is excellent; I would recommend them to anyone.”

“One of the most rewarding parts of my recent years has been working with those ‘one in a hundred’ vendors who really provides first class design, products and services like Pentegra does.”

“The solutions that Pentegra Systems has provided our district are state of the art.”

“I have to tell you that it’s very easy to sign a contract with Pentegra – your company has never let us down.”

“The security system is a great selling feature for new residents and our existing tenants feel more secure. Pentegra provided the perfect system to meet our needs.”

“Thanks, Pentegra we are thrilled with the new system and as always, Pentegra did a first class install.”

“The system sounds great and performs flawlessly. I would recommend Pentegra to anyone looking for a stadium sound system”

“The A/V systems work exceptionally well, are easy to control and have greatly improved our multimedia efficiency. I always recommend Pentegra to anyone looking for similar capabilities.”

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Pentegra Systems looks forward to integrating your audio, video, data, security and telecom systems on your

I/P network. We welcome your questions about our services, so feel free to give us a call or send us an email, and we’ll respond promptly.


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