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Advanced Display Technologies

You face an overwhelming array of options when deciding to invest in video technology. You may have questions about image resolution, media sources, streaming capabilities, storage, or whether you should choose a projection display over a flat panel. Also keep in mind that the ideal video solution for a corporate environment varies from the type found in an educational environment.

Pentegra’s professional design and engineering staff delivers solutions that are tailored to your needs and the demands of the environment in which they function. From a single flat panel display to an entire video wall, one boardroom projector to a large-scale smart classroom conversion, Pentegra provides video display solutions for any application.

Key Systems Features
  • LCD, LED & Laser Projection
  • LCD, LED, Plasma & OLED Flat Panels
  • Blu-Ray & Streamed Media
  • Cable & Satellite Distribution
  • Touch Screen Control Systems
  • Video Walls & Matrixing
  • Video Processing & Switching
  • Classrooms & Lecture Halls
  • Meeting & Conference Rooms
  • Worship & Performance
  • Command & Control
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LED Display Benefits

LED displays are ideal for video wall displays as they offer several advantages, including:

  • Extreme color accuracy, creating vivid and lifelike images that are highly visible even in spaces with challenging lighting conditions 
  • Significantly lower power consumption than other displays, making them highly energy-efficient 
  • Can be arranged in various configurations, making them highly flexible in terms of size and shape, and allowing for highly creative custom designs including curved walls 
  • Significantly longer lifespan than other display technologies and have no moving parts, making them resistant to vibrations and much more durable 
  • Possess advanced angle viewing technology that allows clarity from wide angles 
  • Substantially thinner than LCDs, making them lighter and giving them a sleek appearance 

The Pentegra Systems Difference

The Pentegra Systems team are experts in each of these display technologies, providing comprehensive, customized solutions through careful planning, consulting, software, technical services, and hardware integration. 

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