Advanced Visualization Systems

Our team has close to three decades of experience with design and integration of advanced visual displays ranging from large format visualization walls to fully immersive workspaces and virtual reality environments. These solutions have proven return on investment for applications ranging from:

  • Immersive teaching and learning at all levels of education
  • Customer briefing centers
  • Research and development environments
  • Training for tasks and soft skills in manufacturing, medicine, and more
4 individuals standing within 3D visualization system
people standing in a fully immersive system - augmented reality for medical training

Immersive Workspaces

Immersive spaces can take many formats; curved, linear, multi-wall, etc. A standardized immersive room design may not deliver the results you expect. Your use cases should dictate what configuration makes sense for your organization. We work with stakeholders and users to understand your expected uses, data sources, interaction needs (possibly beyond mouse and keyboard) and more. Only then will we recommend a configuration that will deliver ROI from day one.

Multi-Use Facilities

A visualization space should be well utilized to deliver return on investment. We specialize in development of High-Performance Extended Reality (Hi-PerXR) systems that will accommodate multiple different use cases; virtual, augmented, and/or mixed reality, in addition to standard presentation and collaboration data. We enable more users to increase system utilization and ROI. The system shown here, at a prominent US University, enables:

  • Virtual reality viewing and interaction for research
  • Immersive teaching/learning
  • Virtual production/backgrounds for remote broadcast/collaboration
  • Data analysis
  • Esports
  • Stakeholder, student, and partner presentations

A solution like this should not be intimidating; it should be easy to use and designed to facilitate valuable collaboration. Remote participants can be connected into collaborative workspaces using any of the XR technologies.

Mechdyne Virtual Town Hall - huge digital display system for presenting

Our Experience

Our team has expertise in all aspects of immersive, virtual, and Hi-PerXR system design; advanced displays, graphics computing, software/content, interaction technologies, networking, and virtual production.

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