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Let us help ensure your audience gives your venue a standing ovation. We understand that in the arts, sports & entertainment world, high performance and reliability are expected; clarity and volume are mandatory. Pentegra has considerable experience working with venues of all sizes, and the demands of handling large volumes of patrons. We know that the experience, comfort and safety of your customers are the lifelines of your business. Technology can also provide a separate profit center for your business through advertisers. That’s why we customize each system to your specific demands. Audio. Video. Data. Security. Telecom. No one delivers solutions better than Pentegra Systems.

Arts, Sports & Entertainment | Client: Writers' Theater | Integrated Technology Solutions

Art Institute Chicago

Art Institute Chicago

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In 1893, The Art Institute moved to its present location at 111 South Michigan Avenue, adorned with its two bronze lions famously guarding the west entrance. Since then, the museum has undergone extensive additions and renovations, the most extensive being the new Modern Wing addition. At 264,000 ...

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