Detect Spills Before Slips Happen - Avoid Injuries

Even a Small Mess Can Be a Disaster Waiting to Happen

Slip and fall-related accidents are a leading cause of injury, workers’ compensation settlements, and general liability claims.

AI detection identifies root causes helping prevent injuries and costs.

Even a small spill can have far-reaching safety and financial consequences. IntelliSee detects spills—including hard-to-see clear liquids—and alerts you to their location, so they can be addressed. The platform monitors identified slip and fall hazards until they are addressed to escalate communication, or in a worst-case scenario, alert others if someone has fallen.

Slip & Fall Detects:

✓ Puddles & Spills
✓ Water & Snow
✓ Coffee & Other Liquids
✓ Fallen/Injured Persons

Fall alerts occur with or without the presence of a spill, enabling you to take immediate action. This can mitigate the severity of a claim and can address situations where an unaccompanied person has become incapacitated.



Slip & Fall Detection In Action

Watch as IntelliSee continuously scans the environment in search of potential slip and fall situations that put the safety of your people at risk. Immediately upon detection, an alert is sent to your predetermined contacts with time-stamped images and information to help your team take swift action.

Spill/ Slip Hazard

Fallen Person Alert

Slip & Fall Graphic Example

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