Stop Violence in Its Tracks

A situation can go from calm to crisis in a matter of seconds. Don’t wait until the first shots are fired  or assault to escalate before action is taken.

Unlike other active shooter alert systems that rely on acoustics or air pressure to detect gunshots, IntelliSee detects weapons before they are used, saving valuable time when it matters the most.

Proactive detection—even as an assailant approaches a building—can mean the difference between an incident and a tragedy in an active shooter situation.

Once detected, IntelliSee instantly verifies the detection and an alert is sent to your designated contacts and systems based on your chosen parameters. Each alert contains the situational context needed to allow the right people to act. This saves critical time and can also assist de-escalation efforts while minimizing panic and confusion.

IntelliSee was trained on more than one thousand weapons. Training is on-going as the models learn to detect other non-firearm weapons. Additional exploratory research includes visually tracking assailants across locations. Learn more about our ongoing efforts on our Research & Development page.


Weapon Detection Example

Assault Detection

Stop Violence in Its Tracks

Assault manifests in many ways, from robberies to school fights to abuse in the workplace. IntelliSee will detect abuse in its various forms and instantly alert you so you can intervene quickly to minimize harm and protect the vulnerable.

Once completed, IntelliSee’s Assault detection module will identify abuse and alert you to inappropriate behavior as soon as it occurs.

In a scenario where an individual is unable to call for help, IntelliSee’s real-time, autonomous monitoring, detecting, and alerting capabilities can sound the alarm on their behalf. As our research progresses, Assault will also detect behavior known to precede abuse to prevent it from happening in the first place.

Assault Detects:

✓ Abusive Behaviors and Bullying
✓ Assault and Violence
✓ Efforts to Conceal Abuse
✓ Markers of Impending Violence