Berwyn South Elementary Schools

Berwyn, Illinois


  • Implement new phone systems for all schools in Berwyn South School District 100

Berwyn South School District 100


Berwyn South School District 100’s mission is to provide positive and appropriate learning opportunities for each student. These opportunities foster the development of basic values, good citizenship and a sense of self-worth to enable students to be productive citizens in a rapidly changing world. School District 100 consists of eight elementary and middle schools spread throughout the suburb of Berwyn. Berwyn South School District 100 ranks within the top 25% of all districts in the State of Illinois. Pentegra Systems has been working with Berwyn South School District 100 for the past decade providing them with data, security and telecom solutions.


In 2017, the manufacturer of Berwyn South School District 100’s current phone system had deemed it obsolete.  This meant there would be no way of getting service or replacement parts if something were to go wrong. Berwyn had no other choice, they needed to upgrade immediately. The challenge surrounding this telecom phone system installation had everything to do with scheduling. The entire district needed a new phone system up and running in a very short period of time. Pentegra had to be conscientious and organized in terms of scheduling, working during off hours to install this system since the phones could not be installed during the school day while classes were in session.


Pentegra Systems proposed a solution that would not only give them the same functionality of their previous system, but would include several cutting-edge features that School District 100’s previous system did not. Replacing their previous phone system with a new one took some reverse engineering. This meant examining their previous system, determining how it functioned and the features in place so Pentegra knew what to include and how to include it in the new system. What also made Pentegra Systems’ proposed new Shoretel phone system more appealing is that it would be much simpler to administer and control ongoing moves, adds and changes to the system itself in addition to making communication much easier throughout all of the schools in the district for both teachers and administrative staff.

The Shoretel phone system that Pentegra Systems installed consisted of over 400 telephones throughout their six elementary schools, two middle schools as well as Berwyn South School District 100’s District Office. These phones were either desk phones for administrative spaces or wall-mounted phones for the classrooms. Their new system was not just a telephone system, but a unified communications system. This system came with 911 Emergency Response features as well as mobility. Teachers and staff can integrate their mobile phones into this system so they can receive calls, access and listen to voicemail any time and any place as well as continue a conversation by simply picking up their mobile phone and hanging up their classroom or office phone for on-the-go convenience. Berwyn’s new Shoretel phone system also came with voice and web conferencing abilities to further communicate and collaborate with fellow teachers and staff by simply calling into a Shoretel conference call. This phone system is also integrated with the district’s email system to be able to access voicemail through their inbox making the possibilities for communication simpler, easier and more accessible.


Pentegra Systems proposed a telephone system solution that not only matched the ability of their previous system, but surpassed it in every way. Berwyn South School District 100 discovered that this Pentegra installed phone system was the superior choice in terms of pricing and features. Pentegra successfully installed this system for the entire district within the district’s small specified window and turned all of the schools over in a short three day period. Pentegra Systems has worked closely with Berwyn South School District 100 for the past decade and looks forward to many more years providing the district with their technology needs.

Main System Components:

  • Over 400 Shoretel Phones (Desk & Wall-Mounted)
  • 911 Emergency Response
  • Mobility
  • Voice & Web Conferencing Abilities

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