Integrated Control Room Solution

Operator consoles and AV/IT systems are the backbones of mission-critical operations. Integrated solutions must be simple to use and designed to maximize productivity and efficiency. To be successful, these components must work 24/7/365.

Mechdyne, in collaboration with Tresco Industries LTD. and RGB Spectrum, has developed Synthesis, a complete control console solution unique to the operational requirements of small control room owners. It is ideal for critical environments such as utilities, building management, traffic control, and more. Synthesis is an affordable solution considering it includes all components and support necessary to provide practical functionality, optimal user experience. Synthesis is a no-touch solution; Mechdyne installers are not required. Your team can easily assemble, connect and configure Synthesis to operational status.

All-in-One Control Console
Synthesis Diagram

Streamlined Workflow

The integrated video processor provides a streamlined workflow, enabling multiple PCs to be viewed in any combination across the large, dual screens with integrated single keyboard/mouse control across all windows. Simultaneous, multi-source viewing supports remote monitoring and collaboration.

  • The Tresco Industries LTD. 24/7 Sit to Stand console ships partially assembled and ready for the work surface and monitors to be easily attached.
  • The articulating arms provide maximum flexibility of screen positioning.
  • The console features a dual cable management system that separates power and data.
  • The EZ-Chain system organizes and protects cables while the electromechanical lifting columns allow operators to easily raise and lower the work surface and screens to vary sitting and standing time.
Video Processor
  • RGB Spectrum’s award-winning KVM over IP solution supports distribution and control of any PC with up to four display port outputs.
  • The controller synchronizes each multi-output PC signal to any Synthesis solution via a single Gigabit Ethernet connection.
  • Multiple remote computer systems can be controlled individually or simultaneously with a single keyboard and mouse with low bit rates and low latency.
  • The controller comes with a 5-year warranty.
  • Synthesis displays combine the visual benefits of 4K resolution with the reliability required by demanding 24/7 operations.
  • The 50” size eliminates the black seams created by tiling smaller monitors without sacrificing total resolution.
  • The all-metal casing offers added durability and heat dissipation.
  • With a 3-year advanced exchange warranty, panels can be replaced easily in the event of a failure.
  • The Concept Seating chair ships in two pieces for easy DIY assembly.
  • Designed for sit/stand console paring, this tip-resistant chair contains an Ergo Air Suspension system to distribute weight across the entire seat area to reduce discomfort and promote proper blood flow.
  • This 24/7 chair is designed to be more durable, highly adjustable, and more ergonomic than standard office seating.
  • It comes with an industry-leading warranty of 6 years of 24-hour use.
  • So many control room solutions are designed and priced as large-scale, complex systems and video walls.
  • Smaller control operations can accomplish their goals with simpler solutions using commercial components.
  • Synthesis components have been designed to accommodate smaller control rooms, eliminating the need for expensive pre-consultation work or a pricey installation process.
  • Control room teams can install Synthesis on their own, with guided remote support available if needed.
Guided Installation
  • Mechdyne will coordinate component delivery and provide step-by-step installation guidance.
  • We provide remote support throughout the entire process and extend 24/7 support for 12 months after the system is operational.
  • We design and configured Synthesis to grow with organizations as needs change.
  • Auxiliary displays and video walls are an easy upgrade option with RGB Spectrum’s video processor and Mechdyne’s display expertise.

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