Pentegra Systems Introduces IntelliSee™, an AI-powered Security Risk Mitigation Platform For Video Surveillance Systems

New Monitoring and Threat Detection Software Available Exclusively From Pentegra Systems

Addison, Illinois (October 26, 2021) – Pentegra Systems, a Mechdyne Company, announced today that it has secured Illinois exclusivity to represent IntelliSee, a new artificial intelligence (AI) threat detection software platform that uses surveillance cameras and machine-learning algorithms to help organizations improve their risk profiles.

As a result, Pentegra can now add this smart detection capability to new and existing security solutions. Facilities become safer, reducing the risk profiles for building owners.

IntelliSee works by monitoring live surveillance feeds for threats to human safety, including spills and other slip and fall hazards, drawn weapons, fallen persons, trespassers, no-shows/missing persons and more. Once identified, the platform instantaneously validates threats to prevent false alarms.

Context-rich alerts are immediately to the people and systems that can take action. Real-time, AI-powered threat detection software improves response times and, in some scenarios, prevents incidents altogether. For example: IntelliSee can prevent a slip/fall incident by detecting a coffee spill. Then the spill can be cleaned before a slip occurs.

“Most organizations don’t monitor surveillance in real time; recordings are used passively to review what went wrong after an incident. Operators who do monitor live surveillance feeds suffer from screen fatigue as they search for problems amongst multiple screens,” said Greg Augspurger, Pentegra’s General Manager. “Security personnel can now focus on incident response, not just searching for problems.”

IntelliSee changes the security status-quo by enabling organizations to use video surveillance technology proactively, improving response to threats and potential incidents.

Proactive intervention helps to mitigate incident severities, which can generate positive ROI for building owners through security risk mitigation.

Pentegra can install Intellisee as an upgrade to existing camera systems. They can also quote an entire AI security solution. Solutions are available as a capital expense or as a monthly service and support expense. To learn more, contact us today.

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