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Remote support using augmented contact technology.

One Augmented Call Resolves All Audio Issues for a Church


A Church connected its audio system to assisted listening system to better serve hearing-impaired individuals in their congregation. Audio level issues were consistently an issue for the individuals using the system. They did not want more upcoming worship services to be affected.


The assisted listening devices were either clipping or too quiet for individuals to hear. There was no middle ground – any small change would swing the audio system to the other extreme.


The Church called in for support and, based on a discussion of the issue, we asked if we could try a new tool we will be introducing. We scheduled a live Remote Support Session with a support engineer. During the live support call, the Church’s contact used their cell phone to show and explain the audio system and the connection to the assisted listening devices. The engineer noticed the output was turned low and input gain was turned very high. With a real-time remote connection to the cell phone, the engineer recommended re-balancing the audio inputs/outputs. Using visual and verbal instruction, the engineer was able to guide the contact through some troubleshooting steps based on what could be seen on-screen. A technical support visit, that might not have been scheduled and completed in time for the next worship, was not required. Within the span of a 5-minute call, the issue was fixed.


At the next worship services, the complaints subsided and worship went very well. One 5-minute live support call fixed an issue that was around for months. The client was able to describe aspects of the audio system in real-time and the engineer, who was in a remote location at the time, was able to resolve the issue without ever having worked on the system before.

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