Partner Alliance for Safer Schools

Addison, Illinois

Pentegra Becomes Certified Consultant Representatives for Partner Alliance For Safer Schools Organization

Mary Schwerin, Business Development Manager with Pentegra, Earns First Certification To Provide Unbiased Best Practice Consultation in the Interest of Child Safety 

February 27, 2022: Addison, IL:  Pentegra Systems, a leading business technology integrator in Illinois, is pleased to announce that Mary Schwerin has completed and become the first certified consultant for the Partner Alliance for Safer Schools (PASS).

Mary will work with school districts and individual K-12 educational institutions. She will deliver school safety best practices information, developed by PASS, and can moderate multi-disciplinary group meetings that address school security concerns. 

PASS is a non-profit organization established in 2014 to bring together expertise from education, public safety and industry communities.

The goal is to offer a coordinated approach to making effective use of proven security practices. School administrators, school boards, and public safety and security professionals can receive the information, tools, and insight needed to implement the best approach to securing and enhancing the safety of their school environments. based on their individual needs, nationwide best practices.

Consultants like Mary Schwerin will help safety conscious groups define their specific needs, then provide PASS resources and best practices to help them make informed decisions on security investments. Several Illinois schools are already PASS members.   

Safety information and guidelines provided by PASS include: 

  • Specific actions that can effectively raise the baseline of security 
  • Vetted security practices specific to K-12 environments 
  • Objective, reliable information on available safety and security technology 
  • Assessment of current security measures against nationwide best practices 
  • Multiple options for addressing security needs identified, based on available resources 
  • How to distinguish needed and effective solutions from sales pitches on unnecessary products 

Pentegra Systems, a Mechdyne Company, has focused on technology design and integration for Chicagoland clients over the past 21 years, with K-12 facilities always at the forefront. 

Greg Augspurger, General Manager for Pentegra adds, “We have always focused the specific needs of each school to design and delivery the right solution to maximize safety. Those with concerns or questions can now get unbiased information to inform their decisions, whether that involves Pentegra or not.”  

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