• Large technology refresh for a global operations facility

The Challenge 

A major pharmaceutical company needed a large technology refresh for the global operations facility that managed the safety tracking of all executives as they travel. In addition, this facility manages emergency crisis situations for the company. The technology refresh needed to offer the newest technology available to allow this team to do their job in the most efficient and effective manner possible. The operators and analysts needed to perform their job at their individual workstations. They also need to cast their information and video feeds to a larger video wall on the network at a moment’s notice. Casting their screen information allows for critical collaboration efforts and decision making. In addition, the facility needed scalability for future needs and technology that allowed for virtual and remote operation as the need arises. Essentially, operations and communications needed to be seamless, immediate, and allow for virtual and remote capabilities. 

The Solution 

The hardware-based, single-station, manual KVM (Keyboard, Video, and Mouse) over IP system was upgraded to a more advanced system that allowed virtual switching options. The new system also allows any operator or analyst to control and operate remote computers. Control over the larger video wall was modified to allow any operator or analyst the ability to cast, arrange and share critical information with the appropriate team members. In all, new flexibility provided with the upgrades positioned this team to respond immediately without restrictions of technology or location.  

The Result 

The upgraded technology provided immediate flexibility that the team did not have previously, allowing increased efficiency and productivity that is critical to their daily operations. The scalability of the upgraded technology platform  allows for future access to tens of thousands of IP-based video cameras across their network, which can take their capabilities and effectiveness to a whole new level when they are ready to implement this feature.  

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