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Staffing and hiring challenges continue to impact organizations of all size and type. While every department appears to be equally impacted, harmful or life threatening events can become a reality when those staffing shortages impact the physical security needs at your school or facility. Just because your staffing might be suffering, your security coverage doesn’t have to. Many organizations are turning to ever-advancing technology to help fill the gaps, creating solutions that complement existing security teams while delivering positive experiences for teammates and guests.

Security shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all solution. Finding the right blend of digital solutions and staff to meet organizational security goals is key. Once organizations define their security objectives, solutions can be delivered that provide the essential mix of prevention, data, and protection services specific to each client’s needs and environments.

What solutions allow me to effectively increase security protection without increasing staffing requirements and workloads?

Biometric Access Control

Biometric Access Control

Traditional access control solutions like keycards or keypads seem like a low cost solution but can actually cost organizations more over time. They carry the risk of card or code sharing, or even unauthorized individuals following authorized employees into a building or defined area without permission. This form of access control system typically requires security staff to be present at each point of entry, increasing overhead costs. There are also costs associated with replacing keycards or fobs that inevitably get lost or stolen.

Many organizations today are switching to biometric access control systems that keep the flow of traffic moving while also restricting unapproved individuals. Instead of fumbling for a keycard or smart phone, employees simply look at a camera or touch a screen to gain access to the building or restricted area for example. This solution reduces the number of security personnel required to supervise access points, decreasing cost, and delivering a great user experience without sacrificing security.

For areas where sensitive information exists, such as server rooms, biometric access control solutions can be part of a two-factor authentication solution to increase security where it’s needed most. Layering biometric security with a keypad, for example, is a great way to deliver increased levels of security in designated areas without the need for the investment of dual authentication at every entry point.

Intelligent Video Surveillance & Analytics

Intelligent Security Solutions

Real-time artificial intelligence (AI) security platforms, or video analytics solutions, can provide 24/7/365 detection to mitigate threats before incidents occur. Many of these solutions integrate with existing passive surveillance cameras to proactively monitor people and property.

Camera surveillance is only valuable when someone is watching activity continuously. Many times, footage is used for post-incident documentation, rather than to actively decrease the risk of incidents. With staffing shortages, this has become a reality for many organizations.

The Benefits of Using Artificial Intelligence for Video Surveillance

Intelligent video surveillance solutions are continually monitoring areas to detect issues as they may arise. These advanced security technologies detect issues such as slip and fall risks, intrusion detection, weapon detection, and vehicle identification. When a threat is detected, the AI security camera system alerts designated contacts of the nature and location of the threat so they can take action.

Rather than staffing monitors to observe cameras around the clock, security personnel simply receive a notification, such as a text, email, or phone call, and react accordingly. The benefit is a reduction in staffing needs while also reducing risks and potential lawsuit expenses.

Integrated Security Technologies

Integrated Security Banner Image

Often times, company security solutions are made of up many different components. Unfortunately, many of them don’t work together very effectively, creating the need for extra manpower to monitor and manage daily. Integrated security solutions work to alleviate staffing pressures while bolstering overall organizational security. These systems work by integrating two, or more, electronic security components together to create a centralized solution.

Systems such as access control, video surveillance, intruder detection, and visitor management can be integrated into a single management platform, creating a single point of contact for all security needs. Monitoring and reporting are simplified, while incident response rates are improved. Integrated security solutions are great for companies of all sizes but have become essential to efficiently manage multiple buildings at once. The impact of centralized control takes organizational security effectiveness to an entirely new level.

Unified Security Solutions

Many organizations have added to their security coverage over the years, either as technology has advanced, or their security needs have grown. While this can provide broad security coverage, many different systems don’t communicate with one another to provide data that allows your security personal to make critical decisions quickly.

Unified Security SolutionsA unified security solution consolidates all data that is gathered, to monitor and manage events efficiently and effectively. It allows for control of multiple security functions from a single platform and with a single interface. This solution works well for companies with a single building while being scalable and having the greatest impact for multi-site organizations. Unified solutions allow companies view and manage the overall security oversight, allowing staff to act quickly to prevent or manage events that arise.

Choosing the right security solution for your organization can be overwhelming, especially when managing staffing shortages. If you’re ready to improve your organization’s security coverage with solutions that can address your staffing gaps, we’re here to help. We have been designing and installing security solutions for clients for over 25 years. Let our experts create the right mix of prevention, data, and protection services specific your organization’s needs.

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