Why You Want a PASS Certified Consultant to Review Your School’s Security

The Partner Alliance for Safer Schools (PASS) certification is a school-specific security certification, prioritizing the safety of students, not selling specific technology for profit.

PASS Background

PASS certified consultants are thoroughly trained and required to give an unbiased assessment of schools’ current safely plans, measures, risks, and hazards. PASS consultants are tasked with rating current security measures. These are not “overnight experts” seeking to profit off recent events. They are not making generic suggestions. Recommendations for improvement are made based on the specific needs of your school.

To be PASS Certified, the candidate must pass a written exam on how to administer the PASSk12 Guidelines. An initial consultation kicks off a long-lasting relationship with the district, engaging administration, parents, community, first responders, and more.

There Are Many Reasons for Security. Design for the Right Reasons

Security means different things for each school. Security technology is necessary for many reasons including:

  • Behavior modification: Disruptive behavior has increased exponentially within the last five years according to surveys by the Education Systems Administration. Security measures can curb the rate of disruption if implemented in the right way for each individual situation.
  • Insurance: You can improve your insurance rates by increasing student and staff safety.
  • Asset protection: Save money by protecting your property and materials.
  • Preventing potential tragedy: It goes without saying, preventing the loss of life and permanent injury at school is important.
  • Peace of mind for students, faculty and parents: Creating a comfortable environment for your school increases productivity.

Certified consultation is more than just coming in to analyze your facility. It begins a partnership with the school. PASS consultants hold your hand throughout the process to meet your goals.

The consultant can:

  • Help assemble a team of the right voices needed for thorough needs analysis
  • Develop an informed design for any scope of security solution
  • Help you find solutions in your budget
  • Ultimately help you feel confident in the safety of your students and staff

School Security - access controlPreventing hazards and mitigating risks can no longer be up to the principals and administrators of school districts, because, no offense, they are not experts in security technology and measures. They are in charge of ensuring the safety and wellness of their students. Consultants are available to bring their expertise to support that.

PASS Certified consultants can identify issues often overlooked by non-experts. They are informed about the latest technologies and security solutions to keep your students safe. Sometimes the review may lead to a simple second opinion of your existing system or plans you have. Consulting can be a guide for you, designing a complete security solution to meet your goals.

PASS provides free guidelines and resources for schools to use when implementing safety measures. They continuously work to update and improve their information, and currently have the fifth version out for the public.

Established in 2014, PASS is on a mission to provide school administrators, school boards, and safety professionals with the resources to help prevent further tragedy in places of education. PASS Guidelines can be found here.

Written by: Mary Schwerin, PASS Certified Security Consultant, Pentegra Systems

Mary is currently the only PASS Certified consultant in the state of Illinois, completing her certification in 2022. Pentegra Systems supplies innovative security solutions; however, when Schwerin is doing PASS consulting, she remains supplier and technologically agnostic, putting student safety and wellness first. What schools do with the information she provides is up to them.

To learn more about Pentegra’s PASS certified security consulting, contact us today.