Pentegra Systems Expands Smart Network Infrastructure Capabilities by Earning Certification to Install Tellabs Optical Local Area Network  

As the Only Certified Provider in Chicagoland, Pentegra Can Provide “Intelligent” Physical Security Solution Options to New Building Projects and Existing Building Owners

Network Enabled Smart BuildingsChicago, IL {November 25, 2020} –  Pentegra Systems, a physical security and audiovisual solutions consultant and integrator celebrating its 20th year in business, announced today it has become the only certified provider of Tellabs Optical Local Area Network (OLAN) technologies for the Chicagoland area, in addition to other regions of the USA.

The ever-increasing bandwidth required by an ever-increasing array of connected, smart monitoring devices can now be easily channeled by Tellabs OLAN systems that utilize optical fiber in place of traditional Ethernet cabling.

Where multiple, bundled cables the width of a forearm were needed to move signals and data within buildings, a single strand of fiber cable can carry all original data and the volumes of new data expected in the next twenty-plus years.

Adding or upgrading monitoring devices such as security cameras and point of entry control systems can be done quickly, with real-time service data flowing from these connected devices for central monitoring.

“Our team of designers and installers worked hard to earn certification on Tellabs’ new network technologies,” said Greg Augspurger, General Manager of Pentegra Systems.  “We are proud to be a new Tellabs partner and able to offer this highly reliable network infrastructure.  Fully connected, intelligent buildings can now be a reality.”

As a new option for long-term infrastructure, OLAN offers multiple opportunities for savings. Power requirements are reduced and less heat is generated; also contributing to USGBC/LEED, TIA/STEP, and DoE/Energy Star requirements.

Less cabling and supporting mechanisms require less space, enabling new design possibilities. Optical network reliability can be measured in five to six 9’s (up to 99.9999%) of uptime.

OLAN will reduce ongoing maintenance and operational costs.  Light in fiber can also travel much further than digital or analog signals in traditional cabling, removing the boundaries of single buildings.

This introduces the potential to connect multiple buildings on a campus into one unified data stream for better information gathering and management. The ability to handle massive amounts of data and extreme reliability means that this infrastructure won’t need to be upgraded for decades.

About Pentegra Systems LLC.

Pentegra Systems is a custom systems integrator that provides innovative audio, video, network infrastructure, security, and telecommunication solutions that converge on an organization’s I/P network.

Pentegra has two decades of experience with design, engineering, installation, training, and service across multiple industries and education.

The Pentegra team welcomes complex project requests to integrate multiple technologies, tight deadlines, and unusual requirements. Pentegra’s goal is to improve its clients’ operational efficiency, working environments, and business potential.

About Tellabs
Tellabs is leading the future of networking with access solutions for today, poised to deliver modern high-performance solutions for the future.

Fast and secure access has never been in more demand for enterprise and government connectivity. Tellabs’ sole focus is to deliver simple, secure, scalable, and stable access to optimize network performance.

Tellabs has delivered carrier-class access solutions to service providers for more than two decades. We are now expanding that leadership by defining the future of enterprise networking that connects the campus, buildings and inspires people.

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